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We have a growing number of ex St Georges pupils who have an interest in music and
entertainment. On this page we hope to bring you some of the history as well as what's currently
happening in our 'music community'.
Send your articles to the Webmaster for publication.

Mudslide -  Grahame Dodd

Sent in by Tony Dodd, here we have his brother Grahame Dodd who plays in a band called 'Mudslide'.
Grahame also attended St Georges school and played in the 3rd Year Rugby XV Team.

The photograph shown opposite features Grahame (centre) with fellow band members Mark(left) and John(right.

If you would like to read more about Mudslide then visit:

Leasowe Communty Families - 1968

Sent in by Paul Cleary, this is a picture taken around 1968 of the Leasowe Community Charity Group.
The group was made up of Mums and Dads who lived on the Leasowe Estate and whose Children mainly attended St Georges School. The group also had a number of ex pupils from the school.
Pauls Dad
Patrick Cleary, played the Washboard & Spoons and can be seen centre, middle row  with crevat and white shirt.
The Webmaster was also surprised to see himself on the Photograph (middle row far left) with Ian Chadderton standing to his left.
The group toured all around the Wirral playing at venues and sported a Band, Singers, Comedians called the Leasowe NitWitts, A Glass and Fire Eater and many other entertaining acts.

Click Here to view  a larger picture

Les Thompson - 'This End' - Early 1960

Lesley Swift has sent in this photograph of the band her husband Les (Thompson) played in during the early 1960's, 'This End'.
Later in life Les formed a band called 'Zelda Plum'.
Lesley and Les moved out to New Zealand and now run a busy printing business
Les is still a keen musician and still plays bass guitar.

The photo was taken in The Kraal.
Back - Warren Simpson & John Hazelhurst
Front - Les Thompson & Rob Luke

(By the way - Les and Lesley printed the reunion invitations designed by Keith)

Ray Costello - 'The Trek'  -  1967

When Ray Costello  left St Georges School, he moved to Wallasey Technical College and then to AT&E in Liverpool.

Whilst at AT&E he joined a 5 piece band called 'The Trek' and teamed up with the Bass player Ian Chadderton who also came from Wallasey. (Ian attended St Georges Primary School in his formative years.)

Ray and Ian played in Venues all over the Wirral, Liverpool, New Brighton, Bootle and became life long friends.

Ray still plays guitar and keyboards and writes music with Ian.
                 circle03_skyblue.gif   Photo taken in Bootle 1967  circle03_skyblue.gif

Ken Clark and Tony Dodd - 1975

Adding to our growing musical talents we have this photo sent in by Ken Clark.

Ken is on drums and is accompanied by Tony Dodd on guitar.

Tony is a brilliant guitarist and is seen here playing with Ken on a gig at the Nelson Pub in Trafalgar Rd  Wallasey 1975.

The Kraal New Brighton - Early 1960

How many of you remember the clubs in New Brighton during the early 60's. Here is a picture of the Kraal Club sent in by Lesley Swift.

The Kraal competed with many other clubs such as The Toledo. The Defiants played there along with other famous merseyside bands at the time.

Zelda Plum Band Liverpool 1970 . . . . . .

How many of you remember the Cavern in Liverpool?

Well, Les Thompson (Lesley Swift's husband) has sent in this banner.
During his early band years, Les played in two other groups on Merseyside, 'The Defiants' and 'This End'

Later on he formed a band called 'Zelda Plum' who apparently were quite progressive for their time. Anyone out there into heavy metal rock will like the sound of Zelda Plum.

Maybe you were in the Cavern when Les played there? If so, then write in and let's hear what you have to say.
If you would like to hear what they sound like and see some great photos, try visiting the Zelda Plum Website at:
(You can buy their CD from a link on this site.)

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