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Our class photo's are now split between Infants/Primary and Secondary modern. Click the links above to go to the appropriate page.
Here's our latest class photograph.

Primary School Mr. Walker's Class c.1947
photo sent in by
Brian Tregilgas 

With help from David Henshaw and Brian Williamson, Brian has recalled most of the names.
Can you help recall the rest?
This is now the oldest Class Photo on the Site at 58 yrs

Click the image below  to enlarge



In Rows Left to Right from the back :
Back row  -   David Halton, Alan Ball, Brian Newsham, Kenneth Redhead, Colin Smedley, Philip Bradshaw, Kenny Webster, David Colbeck, Anthony  Moynahan, Peter Abbott, Geoffrey Evans, Colin Griffiths, Mr.Walker
Middle row  standing - JColin Hargreives, Victor Voller, Lee Heron, Billy Cooper, David Henshaw, Tony Wilson, Norman Hall, Barry Ingam, Stephen Meadows, David Byrom, Peter Casey, Charlie Potter,                 ?                , Brian Tregilgas.
Middle row  seated -  Margaret Robinson, Julie Whitaker, Hannah (?)           ?                , Barbara Stead , Ruth Page, Janet Turner, Pamela Johnston, Janet Paine, Elsie McGee, Jane (?)                ?                , Iola Evans, Susan Cadigan.
Front row  - Doreen Fisher,                 ?                , Mavis Tucker, Heather Hamilton, Wendy Bell, Pauline Evans, Pamela Fryer.



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