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St Georges School - June 2007 Reunion - Pictures now available (Click Reunion June 2007 above).


Our Third Reunion - Centenary Year!

The third St Georges School Reunion was held on Friday June 15th at the Poulton Victoria Club in Wallasey. This year was very special and marked 100years since the Junior School in Wallasey was first opened.
It was great to see everyone again including many new people who attended St Georges School

A special message goes out to Colin Whithead who has been ill and could not be with us. "Get well soon Colin from all your St.Georges Friends."

Once again a big thanks goes to the organising group for putting on an excellent night that will be remembered for a long time.

However, an even bigger thanks goes to everyone that attended the evening for their support and commitment to the reunion event. Without your loyal support and encouragement there would be no reunion.


With the help of Ken Clark and Ian Chadderton and the disposable cameras, we made a big attempt this year to take as many photographs as possible. To that end we have about 180 photos on the site'.

The raffle prizes were a big hit again and together with the Silk Flowers we collected almost 100. This will remain in the bank until such time as we select a new charity to sponsor.

The 'Special Needs School' has now moved to Birkenhead. Once the new occupants of the Solar School Childrens unit settles in we will pay them a visit and offer them our sponsorship.


The Organising Group plan to meet sometime in October 2007 to start work
on the next reunion. The meeting will be held at the Poulton Victoria Club in Wallasey.

For those of you who may wish to book tickets well in advance then details are included below where you can contact Lynn Barnes. we have made provision for you to either write or mail to Lynn Barnes. Please include your name, phone number and total number of tickets required.

Details can be found below.:



To reserve your ticket(s) please write to:

 St Georges School Reunion
14, Bracken Court
Coed Poeth
LL11 3NJ

Also please include your return address and telephone number.




Thanks for now  . . .


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